Treatment of Radiation Injuries

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At the 1st symposium on transplantation of human fetal tissues in Moscow, December 4 – 7, 1995, we read a report about treatment by cell transplantation of three patients suffering extensive soft tissue injury as a result of carrying on their body for a prolonged period of time containers with radioisotopes at the Russian Research Center of Biophysics of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow. According to all medical knowledge there was no hope for healing post-irradiation ulcers by any known therapy in all three cases. All three patients healed after fetal cell transplantation.

The same treatment was used for treatment of indolent ulcers after therapeutic radiation at Research Center of Medical Radiology of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in Obninsk. Every patient responded to cell transplantation by a complete healing.

Systemic therapy of radiation injuries requires fetal precursor cell transplantation of skin, stomach/duodenum, intestine, colon , mesenchyme, placenta, and thymus, adrenal cortex, for infection prevention, as well as hypothalamus, medulla alba of brain, mesencephalon, in case of CNS involvement.