Post fetal precursor cell transplantation precautions and patient monitoring

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Post-transplantation each patient will have to observe following precautions:

1/ rest for 48 hours, which does not mean a complete bed rest, sitting in a sofa chair is sufficient;

2/ continue with a healthy life style for at least 1 month;

3/ avoidance of any activities for 10 days especially avoid any activity during which body temperature is raised, i.e. sport, intense exercise, active sex, cleaning of the garage, work in the garden, etc. are not permitted;

4/ avoidance of alcohol, ‘street drugs, intake of non-essential medications, smoking, etc., for 2 months;

5/ avoidance of exposure to electromagnetic energy (sunbathing, x-rays, etc.) for 2 months;

6/ use of high potency multi-vitamins/minerals for at least 1 month;

7/ avoidance of any vaccination or serum therapy for 1 month.

If FCT includes fetal brain cell transplantations, these have to be done first. In that case patient - after all FCT's are in - must first of all maintain complete bed rest for 12 hours, on the top of other 7 instructions.

Observing the schedule of post-treatment visits, 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months after transplantation, is mandatory.

In case of symptoms of acute infection with fever call your treating physician immediately, so that a proper treatment can be started without delay, as such an infection, if left untreated, during the first 6 weeks after transplantation, could jeopardize the survival of fetal precursor cell transplants.

Description of observations and measurements after fetal precursor cell transplantation treatment of diabetic complications can be found at the end of the respective chapters or subchapters in the section on ‘Clinical treatment by fetal precursor cell transplantation’.