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BCRO type of fetal precursor cell transplantation,  has been used successfully for 80+ years as treatment of many diseases for which modern medicine has had no therapy (i.e. incurable), or in which 'state-of-art' therapies stopped being effective (i.e. no longer treatable),
in documented over 5 millions of patients worldwide. 
Physicians can learn about it in a textbook by E. Michael Molnar, M.D.: Fetal Precursor Cell Transplantation, BCRO Fetal Precursor Cell Transplantation, published in 2014 by Amazon On the same web site the general readership can find out all about it in the book by the same author: Treatment of Incurable and No Longer Treatable  Diseases, published in January 2015, as well as in his autobiography: Diseases and Genocide are not Our Destiny. You can buy it as 'free reader download for PC' as well as Kindle Book.