Fraud in stem cell transplantation

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In 2000 U.S. printed and visual media suddenly flooded the world with information about ‘stem cell transplantation’, presented as a completely new field of medical science, and U.S. gift to mankind. There was no linkage to fetal cell transplantation or cell therapy declared in 1931 in Switzerland by western medical historians as new medical treatment after the same therapy took place in 1920’s in USSR. Fetal cell transplantation has been documented in thousands of articles published in German and Russian peer-reviewed medical journals and by treatment of 5 million German patients, according to the governmental statistics of West Germany of 1990. (German language does not recognize technical term ‘fetal cell transplantation’, they call the same treatment ‘zellentherapie’ [cell therapy] while in Russian it is called ‘kletochnaia terapia’ [cell therapy] as well.)

As explained further on in the ‘Summary of scientific facts’ fetal cell transplantation or zellentherapie always assumed a normal quantity of stem cells in each cell transplant.

German ‘zellentherapie’ was banned by U.S. government in 1956, for reasons that could not be found by even the most diligent search and from that year on one could not find in a medical library of any & all U.S. medical schools any issue of the top five German medical journals that usually published all journal articles about cell therapy, as well as any medical textbooks in German on ‘zellentherapie’, and the same applied to any medical publications in Russian from the time USSR was born in 1922. It was amazing that U.S. very recent scientific newcomers to this field, who could never read anything about fetal cell transplantation since 1956 due to the ban, nor attended any meetings of the respective professional societies in

Europe or USSR/Russia, were able to launch research activities and instantly publish their discoveries. It is remarkable that no U.S. publication about stem cell transplantation since 2000 has listed any German or Russian reference in its bibliography and thereby were automatically disqualified by the European experts with lifelong clinical experience.

Besides the lack of any experience whatsoever the new U.S. stars of stem cell transplantation pronounced that only human embryonic stem cell transplantation is the correct method of stem cell transplantation, despite the decades’ old knowledge of all European experts that such treatment is cancerogenic (!!!). Likewise they recommended to use an implantation of universal stem cells only, contrary to what was advised in Europe over the past 90+ years.

In May 2001 new U.S. President Bush announced that he will provide federal financing for stem cell research. In August 2001 NIH spread a lot of information about stem cells and the launch of the project appeared imminent. Then came 9/11/2001 and with that a complete silence from the U.S. government and its medical institutions. Despite that within two years multiple new U.S. stem cell research companies were listed on the N.Y. Stock Exchange capitalized by U.S. $ 100 to 300 million, notable for one thing: none of them has ever treated any patient by stem cell transplantation.

A public education campaign titled “Stem Cell Transplantation is a hoax of 21st century” was just launched in U.S. and spread throughout the world by a special interest group, that triggered suddenly in 2000 ‘stem cell transplantation fraud', and perhaps was responsible for the ban of German zellentherapie in U.S. in 1956 as well.

Now the magnitude of fraud reached such proportion that U.S. FDA has had to take a hurried legal action against multiplicity of U.S. hospitals, clinics and physicians to stop the flood of lies, fabrications and misrepresentations to the public about (stem) cell transplantation before this proven valuable treatment for incurable and untreatable diseases becomes discredited. Hopefully this was not the objective of this artificial confusion created by the media.

If you want to learn the truth about ‘fetal cell transplantation’ or ‘stem cell transplantation’ see Quick_practical_advice and read the SCIENTIFIC_FACTS that follows this introduction.