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In author’s personal experience with fetal precursor cell transplantation in about 15,000 patients, besides huge numbers done under his supervision, that included both allo- and xeno-transplantation, there were only three complications: all involved diabetic patients with complications, and all three were low grade infections/granulomas at one of the implantation sites. In all three patients the low grade infection developed at one of the subponeurotic sites, while all remaining sub-aponeurotic implantations were without any problems, and there were no signs of inflammation at the gluteal sites of implantation. The source of infection at the subaponeurotic sites were three different types of fetal precursor cell transplants. In one case allo-transplants were used, in two cases xeno-transplants. In other words all three cases of low grade infection appeared purely accidentally.

It was the most remarkable, that the clinical effect of implantation was not destroyed by the infection/inflammation, on the contrary the benefit of fetal precursor cell transplantation was complete in all three patients, like in patients that had no post-cell transplantation infection at all.

The author was obliged to discuss the allergic/immunologic reactions in a text, but since none have ever been observed despite the fact no immunosuppression or any form of treatment to prevent immune reactions was ever given to the patients as pre-medication , the question is asked what to write about. It appears that if fetal precursor cell transplants are prepared properly, i.e. according to all rules, or ‘lege artis’, then the fear of untoward reactions could be abandonned. Countless patients were advised in writing that fetal precursor cell transplantation is ‘safer than taking an aspirin, providing that cell transplants are prepared properly’, i.e. in accordance with the rules described in this text, and not a single time has such written statement haunted us.